Tom Waits she is whiskey in a teacup I Put A Spell On You Just Kiddings It Just The Haldol Funny T-Shirt .Waits voice. Good stuff. Ton waits is most definitely one of the most underated artists of all time not just a singer songwriter storyteller actor you name it he’s done it unbelievable talent. The caption to this post reads utterly terrifying geez what a sheltered life, if this utterly terrifies you. It’s dark, mysterious, quirky, but not terrifying. Come on. I don’t pursue waits music, but when it finds me I enjoy it. The laughter that comes in and out of this track at first bothered me but the more I thought about it, the laughter was the nervous kind, like those people were waiting for a door to slam or a firework to pop. Upon second pass with this idea in place, the performance was a little more rattling